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Marta Boros is a Polish artist from Warsaw living in London. She graduated from the art college in Warsaw in 1995.

Her art is feminine and existential as well as autobiographical.

In her early years as an artist she paid close attention to the still lifes of Cezanne as well as the Pop artists. 

Her work is above all contemporary.



Marta Lola Boros is a Polish artist living in London. She paints about her experience as a woman in the  contemporary world. She mixes collage with vivid colours. Boros's fresh and remarkable paintings show an unusual vision in today's art world.

Lance Charlton, graduate in History of Art from the University of Cambridge

Marta Lola Boros autobiographical paintings unveil the profound dichotomies inherent to the human experience: the delicate dance between vulnerability and strength in our quest for love, self-empowerment, and personal actualisation. 

Her unapologetically candid mixed media creations not only stand out but also carve an indelible niche within the contemporary 

artistic realm. 

Lorenzo Belenguer - art critic and visual artist.


2012 Wilsden Green Bar Gallery -group show, London UK

2014 - Studio Sienko Gallery - group show, London,UK 2016 - Studio 1 -1 Gallery- group show, London

2016 - Neocontemporaries Show Gallery-group show London,  UK

2019 - Espacio Gallery- group show, London, UK

2020 - Wilsden Green Bar Gallery -group show,London UK

2022 - Tabernacle Gallery - solo show, London, UK 2023 - Marquess Gallery group show,London UK

2023 -Gallery 54 - group show, London, UK

2023- Parralax Art Fair -group show-London ,UK

2024- Arts and Music Peace Superstars Show -group show-London ,UK

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